Time to say Goodbye
Then it was Sunday, the last day in the camp.
Time to say goodbye or just so long friends...
We hope to see you soon or just some time in the future.

Sundays pictures...

Time for the Crayfish Party
Nowhere is the crayfish so passionately worshipped as in Sweden. Part of the reason is gastronomic, but it has above all become a ritual meal surrounded by all kinds of accessories, preferably also by an authentic full moon. In the middle of August, the Swedes meet up with their friends to enjoy a crayfish party filled with food, drink, songs and decorations in bright colors.

Saturdays pictures ...

Painting the Kåta
On friday we were visiting Ulricehamn and then later in the afternoon we painted the "kåta" an indian like tent from sameland up north Sweden.

Fridays pictures ...

The Trip to Gothenburg
We all loved the trip to Göteborg the big city and of course Liseberg. But first we were visiting PeaceCamp in Mark.

Thursdays pictures

The Machine
Cultural Evening at PeaceCamp on Sundholmen.

Wednesdays pictures ...

Take a look at some of the pictures from our many workshops.

Tuesdays pictures ...

Openings speach by Joe Frans
Joe Frans was one of the speakers on the opening of the Peace Camp II on Monday 2 August 2004 at Sundholmen.
He is coming originally from Ghana and has been living here in Sweden for 25 years.
Joe Frans has been working on the issue of Hatred of Foreigners among other things in the Don´t Touch My Friends.
He has been working in the Stockholm City as a political secretary for Socialdemokrats about 5 years and now is a member of the parliament since election of 2002.
Read the complete speach here ...

Mondays pictures ...

Rapporter av lägerdeltagare
Här kommer det att finnas rapporter skrivna av deltagare om lägret som pågår under vecka 32.
Vi ska försöka skriva om all aktivitet här i lägret, bla. kanotpaddling, målning av en lappkåta.
Dessutom pågår olika workshops alla dagar, vilket vi kommer att försöka publicera på internet.

Bilder från Söndag ...

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