A peace camp in Sjuhärad, Sweden…

In the summer of 1983 there was a peace camp held in the city of Mark, Sweden. This was during the hottest days of the cold war. In the summer of 2003 ten persons gathered around the monument erected in remembrance of the pace camp 20 years earlier. The aim was to plan for a new peace camp. Today the cold war is over, but unfortunately the need for peace work did not end - instead we got other wars and conflicts.

The participants of the peace camp this time were Jewish and Arab youths from Israel and youths from Sjuhärad, Sweden. The conflict between Israel and Palestine has an impact far outside the both countries borders, which makes it one of the most important peace issues today. The Swedish youths function were a neutral third party. They then went in the eighth grade, and is now working on after the peace camp informing about it and the conflict (in Sweden school is obligatory until the ninth grade).

The peace camp were be held between the 1st and 8th of august close to the small town of Ulricehamn in the region of Sjuhärad, Sweden. The arranging organisation was Ulricehamns Fredsförening (Ulricehamn Peace Organisation), a peace organisation based in Ulricehamn and a local branch of the Swedish Peace and Arbitrary Organisation (www.svenska-freds.se). Conneted organisation are also the Swedish UN-union of Borås (www.sfn.se) and Network for Peace and Equality (www.fredochrattvisa.org).

Comment från Adi Maoz of Re'ut Sadaka, the Israeli organization we worked with:

I personally felt that this seminar had been a truly great opportunity for all of us. I came out of it with a great feeling of accomplishment regarding the process that the youth went through, the connections created between the Israeli and Swedish youth and the learning process which the facilitating team had created for them.
I must note that I had had the notion that this seminar would be a good experience from the beginning, which I based on the honest, correct and practical way in which the two teams, Israeli and Swedish, had been operating from the beginning and I believe there is allot to be learned from this experience.

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