Organizations behind the camp…

Reut-Sadaka (meaning friendship in Hebrew and Arabic), for Coexistence in Israel', was founded in 1983 by a group of Jewish and Arab students. The organization has been active ever since in the struggle to create a civil society in Israel based on equality, multiculturalism, human and civil rights. In 1987 Reut-Sadaka registered as a non-profit organization, expanded its activity, and launched several successful projects, including: weekly 'Building a Culture of Peace' Groups, "Youth Leadership for Democracy", "Talk Peace - Make Peace", seminars, workshops, and the unique "One Year of Life for Coexistence" project. Reut-Sadaka facilitates various projects, unique of their kind in Israel, including: Jewish-Arab youth groups, a volunteer commune and leadership program, projects operating in cooperation with high schools across the country, and an annual voluntary work camp for the empowerment of weakened communities. Reut-Sadaka does not view the Jewish-Arab issue as separate from social and democratic causes. Our organization stresses community work, personal and communal empowerment, and values such as leadership and personal responsibility

Reut-Sadaka aims to promote respect for cultural diversity and foster local leadership in weakened communities. To that effect we bring together, in our 'Building a Culture of Peace' project, Jewish and Arab youths over prolonged periods of time, allowing them to overcome barriers of fear and stereotypes. At the same time, we hope to instill in them the value and importance of community work as well as leadership skills, thereby creating a viable model for Jewish-Arab cooperation and coexistence. Our actions and activities are aimed both at helping and empowering weakened communities belonging to all sectors of Israeli society, as well as training our volunteers for becoming the new leaders of social change in Israel. Under the guidance of our young, professional and highly committed staff and volunteers, many of our graduates assume important positions in Reut-Sadaka and other organizations supporting similar values and goals. Our current CEO, for instance, participated in Reut-Sadaka activities in the past as youth group member and commune volunteer.

Ulricehamn Peace Society
The Ulricehamn Peace Society is a local branch of Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society. Our society was formed in 1983 had has since then worked to put focus on questions of peace in our municipality, like arrange activities during the UN week each year. Other regularly occurring events is a vigil on Hiroshima Day the 6th of August, and collect funds for the organization Woman to Woman around Christmas.

Borås UN Society
With the statute of the Swedish UN Society for local societies the aim for Borås UN Society is to work closely with member organizations and local organizations for an active engagement in UN related questions. The target groups for the society is its individual members, member organizations, the public and first and foremost youths and the local schools.

Network for Peace and Fairness
The Network for Peace and Fairness was formed as a result of the new world order created by the events following the terrorist attacks in USA of September 11 2001. Our issues have since then been many, and the conflict between Israel and Palestine has regularly been in focus. The network works as a contact web that can be evoked when some events occur or to get activities started. Between the active times the network is kept alive by our e-mail list and homepage.