We live in a world filled with conflict, but at the same time a growing number of people world over works with solutions of conflicts without violence. We belong to those who believe that conflicts can be resolved peacefully. Conflict is to a large degree about a lack of communication. You do not speak with the other party - you only speak about them. Rare are the moments of true dialog.

A conflict cannot be solved if we do not speak with each other - and more important, that we listen to the others arguments and point of views. It does not matter if the other is a friend, a neighbour or from another country. One can work for change at all levels. In this case we have chosen to try to give a small contribution to a big issue. It is not only leaders who need to meet, but more importantly is that ordinary people meet. It is the future that matters most, and it is young people who is the representatives of the future.

We also want to show that change is possible by studying how other conflicts have been resolved - often with very small means. We will not solve the conflict with this peacecamp, but we hope to help to see the possibilities.