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Hjälp till sprida internationell protest!

MiljöförbundetJordens Vänner och Attac går samman om att uppmana globala rättviserörelsen och andra folkrörelser att stödja facket i kampen mot Connex. Hjälp till att sprida upprop! Sänd vidare till internationella kontakter och i Sverige. Hämta material från hemsidan www.folkrorelser.nu/connex. Vi letar också efter översättare och folk som vill sprida till indymedia och andra kanaler i hela världen. Har du mer material om Connex vill du hjälpa till? Hör av dig till connex@mjv.se.

MiljöförbundetJordens Vänner och Attac går samman om att uppmana globala rättviserörelsen och andra folkrörelser att stödja facket i kampen mot Connex. Hjälp till att sprida upprop! Sänd vidare till internationella kontakter och i Sverige. Hämta material från hemsidan www.folkrorelser.nu/connex. Vi letar också efter översättare och folk som vill sprida till indymedia och andra kanaler i hela världen. Har du mer material om Connex vill du hjälpa till? Hör av dig till connex@mjv.se.

International Action Alert - November 18th 2005

Connex is a threat to security and democracy -
Environmental and global justice movement call for global action against sacking of trade union chairman and the threat against democracy from privatisation.

You will find Protest stickers as jpg and pdf files at: www.folkrorelser.nu/connex

Make an action at Connex offices or Swedish embassies November 18 or send your email protest to Connex, the responsible public transport autority and inform the trade union:

We denounce Connex action in the privatised public transport in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Sacking the trade union leader Per Johansson fighting for metro security measures is a threat to the public and a threat to freedom of speech and democracy. Privatisation of public transport has been globally by world wide corporations like Connex. It has been followed by accidents and weakening of service standards which is a threat to the public and the environment. It is of vital importance to society that trade unions can defend the rights of workers and the right to inform the public on security concerns. We demand the withdrawal of the dismissal of Per Johansson and his reinstatement.

Send to
Connex: info@connex.se
SL, public transport authority: registrator@sl.se
SEKO klubb 119, the trade union: liljeholmen@klubb119.org
Friends of the Earth Sweden: connex@mjv.se

Friends of the Earth and Attac Background

Friends of the Earth, Sweden and Attac in Sweden and Denmark call for international protest to support freedom of speach and the right to tell the public about security and working environment problems in public transport companies.

Connex attempt to silence the metro drivers trade union in Stockholm by sacking the chairman Per Johansson is not only a threat against trade unions all over the world. It is also a threat against the right of the public to get informed about serious security risks and have something being done about it.

Only the democratic right to organise trade unions willing to stand up and tell the truth guarantees that private companies will choose, under all circumstances, security before profit. Connex argument for sacking stating disloyalty climing no connection to Per Johanssons well-known concern for trade union rights and public security is not valid.

When Connex sacks a trade union chairman in Stockholm it is of a wider concern. We are all threatened if corporations can force trade unions to silence their concern for effects on the public of what companies are doing. It is also worrying if they can do it in Sweden in a country were more than 80 percentage of the workforce are members of trade unions, a higher percentage than anywhere else in the world. If corporations can force the trade union to be silent in Sweden, they can do it more easily anywhere.

Privatisation a threat to security and democracy

Furthermore is the way Connex acts in Sweden an example on how privatisation of publicly owned companies strangles democracy and is a threat to security and the environment. Before public transport was privatised in Sweden nothing similar to the attempts now being made to act against trade unions concerned of public transport security issues took place.

The experience of privatisation of public transport in Great Britain and other countries shows how security risks and more accidents becomes more common when corporations takes over and unions are put under pressure.

Connex is furthermore a company that creates problems also in other places. The privatised railway north of the polar circle in Sweden and Norway is run by Connex causing severe diminishing of service and thus more car traffic which is shown by a recent study made by Friends of the Earth Sweden. Green MP candidate Zaida Catalan protests against Connex building a tram system for settlers on occupied territory in Jerusalem. In 24 countries Connex is active creating democratic and security conflicts that are not acceptable.

We support the trade unions in Sweden and International Transport Federation protesting against the sacking of Per Johansson. We call upon all people concerned of democracy, security and environment and the problems following privatisation to protest against Connex. Preferably on the international action day November 18 announced by the trade union SEKO klubb 119.

This can be done at any Connex office or any other office that represents the mother company Veolia, the owner of Connex, Onyx, Dalkia, Veolia Water and others.
You can also protest at the Swedish embassy in countries were Connex is not operating. The protests in Sweden are growing and it is now of importance to also get wider support internationally and from all movements concerned about justice and the well-being of the public.

Connex is operating in the followwing countries: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Colombia, Denmark , Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Jersey, the Netherlands, New Caledonia, New Zeeland, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, US.

You can use the protest symbol made by Friends of the Earth Sweden as a poster, for leaflets or stickers as you wish to - find them at www.folkrorelser.nu/connex. Print the pdf files or make your own material using the symbol.

Please inform SEKO klubb 119 and us about your action. We are especially thankful for pictures sent by email or mail. Send them to:

e-mail: liljeholmen@klubb119.org
Tel: +46 8 686 42 46
Fax: +46 8 686 42 54

Friends of the Earth Sweden
email: : connex@mjv.se



1. Trade Union call

2. International Transport Federation statement

1. trade union call

Stockholm metro: The sacking of the chairman of the union
An appeal for support - Connex Employees plan for a new strike

November 18th has been declared a day of protest against the anti-union policy of Connex in general and against the sacking of Per Johansson in particular. We are appealing for your solidarity.
On September 27th, his employer, Connex Sweden, fired Per Johansson, chairman of the metro drivers union of Stockholm. The reason for this was Johanssons alleged disloyalty to the company and his alleged rudeness towards his "fellow employees" (probably referring to his bosses). Connex maintains that the sacking is in no way related to Johanssons role as union chairman. The members of his union and other unions think otherwise.
Under Johanssons chairmanship the union has gained considerable ground in questions concerning wages and working hours. The immediate cause for his dismissal, however, is probably his focus on safety and working environment. Together with the elected safety controllers the union has put its finger on several sore spots. The safety controllers have used their power to stop the traffic on three different occasions after severe incidents. Insufficient measures having been taken to remedy the ills, Johansson has gone public. In all likelihood this constitutes his "disloyalty".
Since the sacking of Johansson the metro drivers union has convened meetings for its enraged members at least once a week to discuss measures. In Sweden trade unions are tied up by collective labour contracts. This makes it impossible for the union to call for a strike in support of Johansson. Nevertheless, the metro drivers went on an unauthorised strike on the morning of October 6th. The Stockholm metro came very close to a complete standstill. At nine oclock, the traffic was resumed. On the same day a demonstration was stages in front of the main office of Connex Sweden.
The metro drivers union has continually taken many actions, putting pressure on Connex to reemploy Per Johansson. One of those actions was the big demonstration on the 20th of October where about 2000 members showed their support for Per. Connex employees in Stockholm are planning for an unauthorised 24 hours strike the 18th of November and a large demonstration, a local demonstration on the 7th of November, and other actions.
The metro drivers union enjoy the unanimous support of the other trade unions of Sweden. Petition lists are being circulated, calling for the reemployment of Johansson. Thousands of leaflets have been distributed. A poster campaign is going on with the motto "We refuse to keep silent!" The national leadership of the union is investigating the possibility of a political strike for the freedom of speech. The ITF is exerting pressure on Connex internationally.
Fellow workers all over the world, at the 18th of November a huge demonstration organised by the union will take place in Sweden; we are calling for your support on this day. You can support us this day by demonstrating or by taking other actions in front of Connex offices or any other office that represents the mother company Veolia, the owner of Connex, Onyx, Dalkia, Veolia Water and others. In case there is no representative of any of the above-mentioned companies in the country you live in, you can still show your support by demonstrating in front of the Swedish embassy.
An urgent call for the unions that have not yet sent their petition lists to do so as soon as possible.
P.S. We need if it´s possible, pictures from your actions. Send them to us by mail, so we can show your solidarity actions to our members and the workers in Stockholms metro.

For the board of the metro drivers union

Yiannis Konstantis

2. International Transport Workers Federation - ITF

ITF: reinstate sacked worker now

5 October 2005

The ITF is demanding that transport multinational Connex immediately reinstate a trade unionist sacked on 30 September by its Swedish subsidiary, Connex Sweden, which runs the Stockholm metro.
The ITFs Inland Transport Section Secretary, Mac Urata, has sent a message to the company ahead of talks between them and the dismissed workers union, SEKO. In it he says:
"The ITF has learned that Per Johansson, the local trade union representative of the SEKO members employed by Connex Sweden, was dismissed by the company. The statement that the ITF received makes it clear that the reasons for his dismissal are not based on any substantial grounds, but reflect a determination to get rid of a trade union representative who is acting within the context of his duties and prerogatives and for the benefit of the SEKO members of Connex.
"The ITF is gravely concerned regarding the behaviour of a worldwide company such as Connex, especially in Sweden, a country with a well developed trade union movement and a long tradition of political trade union rights.
"The ITF fully supports SEKOs position on this case, and demands that Connex immediately withdraw the dismissal and that Per Johansson be reinstated."


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